Happiness and pursuit of happiness

I have contemplated long enough that what is it that brings happiness to us. I always felt a hole once I got placed after the college. The whole machinery for excitement just fell apart. I think it is the pursuit or the journey that gives more pleasure than the destination itself. The destination is always a temporary stop, so that we can move forward. I found that other people also the same thought and we should be creating out own quest. Quest that, are not easy but, are humanly possible. Quest that fill rage in you. Quests that make you feel better. Quests that you thought you couldn’t do. I have been thinking about it quite a while and Came up with following quest (I am calling this quest – Phoenix Challenge).

For next 30days, I am going to do the following :

  • 5km Running alternative days
  • 100 gm protein everyday.

This is going to require atleast a 1 hour of commitment everyday. Let us see how it goes. Interesting time 🙂

Also, It will be interesting to record a pic here to see if there are any noticeable changes after the month :


Inspired by :

  1. http://rockingfor30days.com/
  2. https://medium.com/@emilykathrynrudow/i-ran-10km-everyday-for-31-days-straight-9b0584adc46f
Happiness and pursuit of happiness