Hona tha pyar!

Well, this is not a post about my personal life but rather it is about the song that goes by the same name . “Hona tha pyar” literal meaning is “Love was bound to happen”!
It is a beautiful song sung by Atif Aslam , just like his other songs. This song has been in my head for almost since I first heard it and that was almost 6 years back. I have decided that I will practive for next 4 weks and try to play that song on guitar because I was listening to this guy some days back and I was really happy after listening to that. Now, I just want to play that.
I am going to keep this blog post updated through my journey wrt to the above. I am going to post every day progress in this tread with sound clips. It’s a bit challenging, but challenges are fun. Let’s get started, shall we ?

Day 1 :
Where do I currently stand?
I have owned a guitar for quite some time. I have played it in bits, sure, but have not got around to playing it regularly. I am touching my guitar now after a year and a half gap. So, I can assume that I do not know anything about.

What is the first step?
First things first, get my guitar checked out and see if it is in a working condition and that task, my dear fried, I have successfully completed. I got it serviced some time back and it sounds as a new one (better infact!) .First task bites the dust.

Found this link to be okay to follow for Chords :
Today, I was just trying to get the strumming pattern right.
Today’s progress :

Current Status : Day 1/30

Hona tha pyar!